Seth JohnsonHi, I’m Seth Johnson. I started the SMJSolutions site to record my journey as an Oracle E-Business Suite techno-functional analyst and Fusion Middleware developer. I started years ago as an Oracle Business Analyst at a small company, and am now in more of a development role, focusing on integrating systems with the E-Business Suite.

I enjoy writing about things I learn because it cements that new knowledge in my head. If someone else can benefit from it in some small way, that is an added bonus. I have always been good at breaking down large technical problems into smaller and more digestible chunks, so hopefully you will find some value in the posted content.

My educational background includes a Masters degree in Information Systems Management (MISM) from Brigham Young University. I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Management from BYU as well.

I currently live and work in the great state of Utah. I grew up in Alaska, but I spent two years as a missionary in the lovely country of Scotland and had a great time. I’ll go back some day.

When I’m not at work, I spend time with my family and enjoy hanging out with them. Having been raised in Alaska, I love the outdoors and hiking and fishing. I like many sports, but am a champion of BYU sports in particular; I love to play golf, read books / listen to audiobooks), and play fantasy football. I even wrote a random team name generator so I could come up with a silly fantasy football team name each year.

My public key page gives my public key you can use to verify the GPG signed emails I may send to you or for encrypted messages that you may want to send to me.