Create an E-Business Suite User using a PL/SQL script

Some tasks are easier to do using a simple database script. If you need to create an E-Business Suite user account for testing purposes, it is faster to use a script.

Sure, you could navigate to Application Administrator > User Administration and create an E-Business Suite user account in the Users form. But that just takes too long. And, most of the time you’re creating a simple test user for a specific purpose in a test instance. Don’t waste your time with Users form — it’s much easier using the script below.

Create an E-Business Suite user account with a script instead of trudging through the forms.

But I’m guessing you already have a database session up, so just copy, paste, and run the script below. It will quickly and easily create an E-Business Suite user “USER_NAME” with the password “PASSWORD”. Update those values before running the script. Also, don’t forget to run this under the APPS schema.

After you create an E-Business Suite user, a natural next step is to assign that user roles and responsibilities necessary to complete your testing. I wrote another PL/SQL script that assigns common system administrator responsibilities which would be a great logical next step.

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