Integrated SOA Gateway: Generate WSDL Example

This is a step-by-step guide to deploying a WSDL from the Integrated SOA Gateway in Oracle’s E-Business Suite 12.1.3. This is a simple example that should open up the world of making some of the canned APIs and services available for integration projects.

If you’re looking for hundreds of pages of in-depth info, please refer to Oracle’s Integrated SOA Gateway User Guide. We’re going to keep things simple here and walk though an example step-by-step.

Open the Integration Repository

So, to start off select the Integrated SOA Gateway responsibility and then the Integration Repository. If, when selecting the Integration Repository you don’t also see the Administration area, then you need to assign the correct UMX|FND_IREP_ADMIN role.

Integration Repository navigation

Find the business service interface

For this tutorial, we will deploy the WSDL for the SOA Health Check Test Package. It’s a good one to start out with because it is a very simple PL/SQL package. To find this one you can either search for it by name or internal name (SOA_DIAG_TST). Or, simply browse to it as shown in the image below.

Browsing through the Integration Repository to find the SOA Health Check Test Package

Clicking on the SOA Health Check Test Package link will display more about what functions are available in this package. Please note that it is a PL/SQL interface.

Clicking on the Test Function link in the Procedures and Functions section toward the bottom of the page will display more information about what this function will be doing. You will noticed that it takes in 3 parameters (ARG1, ARG2, and ARG3 — not a very creating naming convention, but this is a very simple function) and returns a number.

Details of the Test Function

Given how simple this particular function is, it would be an ideal first WSDL to deploy from the Integrated SOA Gateway. It would also be a great way to test connectivity to a partner who will be consuming E-Business Suite web services.

Grant appropriate access

Since we now know the details about the SOA Health Check Test Package, it’s time to decide who should have access to the TestFunction function.

Create Grant for Test Function

Check the checkbox for the Test Function near the bottom of the page and click on the Create Grant button. This will take you to the Create Grants page where you can grant to a specific user, a group of users, or open it up for everyone. Since this is a simple example, it would probably be easiest to grant access to All Users. Then hit the Apply button.

Integrated SOA Gateway Generate WSDL Example Create Grant

You should get an information message saying that a grant has been created successfully for operation ‘Test Function’.

Generate WSDL

The final step is to click on the Generate WSDL button in the top right corner. Simple right? Again, you should see an information message, and when the operation is finished you should notice a new section in the main page of the SOA Health Check Test Package. The Web Service – Web Service Provider area now clearly shows the status as Deployed. The WSDL URI is also shown for your environment.


You’re done!

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  1. Very helpful. I have just started exploring using the Order Management integration to allow external applications to create sales order via oracle supplied web services

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