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The Integrated SOA Gateway in the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS 12.1.3) is a fantastic resource for system integrators. But, the Oracle-provided documentation isn’t very clear. Here are some notes that may help you start using the Integrated SOA Gateway.

The obvious first step is to assign the responsibility “Integrated SOA Gateway” to the user needing access. This will give that user access to browse through all of the APIs provided by the Integrated SOA Gateway. But, it is a read-only access. Feel free to browse through the available APIs and get familiar with what is out there.

To really start using the Integrated SOA Gateway, you will need to assign the “Irep Administrator” role. After this is done correctly, you should be able to see an Administration tab at the top of the Integration Repository page.

The "Administration" tab only shows up after assigning the correct role.

There are a few key roles which unlock some of the hidden features of the Integrated SOA Gateway:

  • System Integration Analyst (UMX|FND_SYSTEM_INTEGRATION_ANALYST)
  • System Integration Developer (UMX|FND_SYSTEM_INTEGRATION_DEVELOPER)
  • Irep Administrator (UMX|FND_IREP_ADMIN)

Unfortunately Oracle wasn’t very consistent with their naming conventions in this case. At first, I only granted myself the “System Integration Developer” role because I didn’t know about Irep Administrator. As a result, I walked through the Oracle documentation ( and kept wondering why my “Administration” tab wasn’t showing up. So, the key is to assign the Irep Administrator role as shown below.

  1. Log into the Oracle EBS applications
  2. Navigate to User Management responsibility
  3. Navigate to Users web page
  4. Find the user
  5. Click on Update
  6. Click on Assign Roles button
  7. Find and choose “Irep Administrator” role
  8. Apply

Assign Irep Administrator role to start using the Integrated SOA Gateway

Please note: If you haven’t granted roles before, you’ll need to follow the same steps after logging in as SYSADMIN and performing the same steps for your user. But grant the “Security Administrator” role, which allows you to assign other roles (like Irep Administrator).

The workflow background engine will need to run successfully before the changes are applied. But, that’s it. Now you have unlocked the Administration tab. Now you can really start using the Integrated SOA Gateway. You should also notice the “Generate WSDL” button is available so you can start deploying web services right from the Integration Repository.

Now the Generate WSDL button should be available


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